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Funded online training available through Accelerate for Cheshire & Warrington businesses.

The past sixteen months have been challenging for businesses across all sectors. It has highlighted areas that need significant improvement within their workforce to many organisations. It is important to make sure your employees have the skills and knowledge to navigate quickly and efficiently through this new, ever-changing, working landscape for your business to remain resilient and competitive.

There are many benefits that come with upskilling your employees:   

  1. Boosts your businesses reputation and resilience  
  2. Improves employees’ performance and motivation  
  3. Addresses weaknesses within your business  
  4. Increases productivity and accuracy  
  5. Raises new innovative business ideas and strategies 

However, online skills training can often come at a great cost to your business. Accelerate will enable you to upskill your employees with 40% funding towards the cost of skills training.