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Warrington offers outstanding opportunities for businesses.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what our resident businesses have to say.

ESR Technology

ESR is a vibrant, growing, owner-managed SME, with offices in Oxfordshire, Aberdeen and the USA.

Specialising in technical consultancy and services in the oil and gas, space, industrial and transport markets, ESR Technology has always had a base in Warrington, with excellent access to recruits from the top universities in the region.

ESR video (YouTube)

PQ Corporation

One of the original Unilever companies in the 1920s, PQ Corporation, has been in operation for over 200 years.

Beginning life in 1815 after Joseph Crosfield started a soap and silicate company, today, their products are found in everyday applications such as toothpaste and polyethene.

The infrastructure in the Cheshire Science Corridor area is ideal for PQs needs. With excellent access to the motorway network, their Warrington location is a significant plus for the UK's largest PQ Corporation site.

PQ Corporation video (YouTube)


Rawwater brings together biology and engineering together to solve industrial problems.

Primarily an oil and gas company, Rawwater now also operate with the nuclear sector, working with Sellafield and the military. They also have a close working relationship with Manchester University which provides top-quality candidates.

Rawwater video (YouTube)

Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies is a world-leading supplier of radiation measurement products, solutions and services.

They have two centres of excellence - an imaging system and one for radiation systems and services. The Cheshire Science Corridor is the epicentre for the UK nuclear industry - based at Birchwood Park allows Mirion to collaborate with partners easily and prove an excellent base to attract local talent from the region's top universities.

Mirion Technologies video (YouTube)

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