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Connecting the UK

Warrington is fast developing into an economic powerhouse. One of the most significant reasons for this success is Warrington's well-developed infrastructure and connectivity, particularly its proximity to the M62, M6 and M56 motorways.

Its location at the heart of this dynamic network that connects north to south and east to west gives companies access to a population of over 6.2 million people within a 45 minute drive time of Warrington.

Economic diversity

Warrington has a highly functioning economic output, with 84% of its total 210,000 population currently employed. Key employment areas consist of professional, scientific and technical activities, wholesale and retail trade, motor repair and manufacturing. This diverse economic activity is illustrated by the calibre and variety of companies choosing Warrington as its business location.

European and UK HQs deciding to base their businesses in Warrington include prominent companies such as United Utilities, Electricity North WestMHI Vestas Offshore Wind UKSellafield LtdNuvia UKNew BalanceSonova UKCavendish NuclearEuropean Metal Recycling and Certas Energy

It's not just big corporations that are thriving in Warrington. Local businesses are booming too. The local energy (specifically nuclear), engineering, logistics and software sectors are growing exponentially, employing thousands of people adding additional economic value to Warrington. 

Gross added value

£884 million

Administrative and support services

£794 million

Wholesale, retail and motor vehicle repair

£646 million


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