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Warrington based Aberla Utilities secures contract to deliver fibre broadband to 38,000 homes in Crewe


Warrington-based Aberla Utilities has secured a five years contract with Digital Infrastructure to deliver fibre broadband to 38,000 homes across Crewe.

Infrastructure owner and ISP, Digital Infrastructure (DI), has partnered with Aberla Utilities to deliver high-speed broadband to the properties (FTTP).

Aberla Utilities is a part of the North-West based Aberla Group and is known for its expertise and solutions in the telecommunications sector, including surveying, designing, installing and maintenance.

Digital Infrastructure is a telecommunications industry leader – that facilitates wholesale connectivity to businesses and residential clients. DI is the builder of Gigabit networks.

The project will reinstate full fibre broadband across Crewe via FTTP, which offers a much faster and stronger internet connection straight to your property, as opposed to FTTC, where copper cables are still present.