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A thriving town

Did you know that Warrington is home to 8000 businesses, employing over 115,000 people?

Fourth-highest for job growth in the UK, Warrington was one of the few cities in the country whose economy improved during the second half of the last recession. In short - Warrington is a bustling, thriving and economically prosperous town.

Supporting the community

The continued economic growth of Warrington isn't an accident. Over the years, our Employment Development Team (EDT) has worked tirelessly to support the community, working with external partners, including local voluntary/community bodies, to help deliver employment support projects. Whether it's assisting with recruitment drives, hosting open days and interviews or a more tailored approach to individual needs and preferences - our EDT is here to help.

Looking after priority groups

Another essential part of the Employment Development Team's excellent work includes their work with priority groups and target areas. Working with individuals helps improve employability skills, negotiate with employers, and support them throughout the recruitment process into full-time employment.

The agreement with local businesses covers the following:

  • job vacancies
  • guaranteed interviews
  • specific/bespoke training needs
  • skills update
  • apprenticeships
  • site Visits
  • work placements/experience opportunities

The Employment Development Team also work with local businesses to demonstrate how they can help the local economy by offering the following:

  • a free recruitment service from a range of partners, including apprenticeships and links to skills and training opportunities
  • initiate local partnerships and supply chain
  • finding mutual benefits for businesses and residents

Our future economic growth

Our EDT advice and support enables businesses to thrive, ensuring Warrington's future economic growth.

John Laverick
Warrington & Co

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