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Town Centre BID

Warrington Business Improvement District

Town Centre investment

The Warrington town centre Business Improvement District (BID) team is composed of a group of private sector-led retailers and companies committed to investing in the promotion and marketing of Warrington Town Centre. 

With improved transport links, safety initiatives, events and improvements, the BID will make Warrington town centre a cleaner, greener and better place to shop, work and spend leisure time. Actively funding and delivering added-value services within the town, the BID won't fund services that the council or other public bodies have a statutory duty to provide.

The entire project is business-led, with the BID's funds coming from an additional, mandatory levy on all eligible businesses, with a rateable value greater than £15,000.

Key aims for the Warrington BID:

  • A business-led agenda providing a voice for all business sectors across the town centre
  • Higher footfall and more customers through the promotion of a dedicated, single brand for Warrington town centre
  • Pro-active marketing and promotion of Warrington town centre 365 days a year to 100,000+ residents within 10 miles of Warrington
  • Lower Costs with opportunities for businesses to save £ 1000's over the BID lifetime through lower utility, facilities management and training costs
  • £1.8 million added value investment in Warrington town centre over five years
  • Reduced crime and anti-social behaviour through pro-actively targeting hot spots across the town centre
  • Development and trial of new transport services to support longer opening hours and the night-time economy
  • Added value investment in new projects and services to create a cleaner and greener town centre

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